what makes a frizzle and a sizzle

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    i have 2 white silkies 1 cockerel and 1 pullet and 1 frizzle blue cochin cockerel and what would i get with this im confused about all of these sizzle and frizzle sayings lol

  2. evonne

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    frizzle can happen in many breeds... it's a genetic "defect" that makes the feathers curl forward

    you have to be careful not to breed a frizzle to another frizzle because that gives you a frazzle.. which has 2 frizzle genes.. and it makes the feathers brittle and they break... i got one of these out of the assorted banty box at the feed store....
    the plus side to a frazzle is that you will get 100% frizzle offspring when you breed to a smooth
    the minus is it's a goofy looking bird becasue her feathers aren't as full as they should be.. right now on her long wing feathers, all she's got is that center piece.. all the "fluff sides" whatever you call that part of the feather have fallen off... lol.. poor girl...

    a sizzle is a silky crossed with a frizzle cochin

    i'm attempting to get some silkies so i can breed sizzles.. just sounds like a fun thing to do.. lol..

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