What organs are on the RT side of the body??

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    Liver?? What else?? Appendix?
    My husband is complaining that his RT side has been hurting him badly.. and that it was "hard" last night and it hurt if he even touched it...? And its still hurting him badly today, but he still went to work.. [​IMG]
    Would Shingles do that?? I know it runs in the nerve lines..and the torso is where a lot of people get pain, and usually on one side..
    I ask about Shingles because he also has had a weird "rash".. on his back for a few days now..(looks like its starting to heal though)..
    The rash looks like the one he got several years back when he was doing a sheet metal job (duct work) in an animal lab...
    I guess a LOT of the guys working the job got it too... Kinda creepy if you ask me.. [​IMG]
    The doc at the time said it was some sort of virus... and it eventually did go away..
    But still makes ya wonder what they were doing in that lab.. [​IMG]
    Annnyways, wondering if this rash could be Shingles..? I dont really think it is because the Shingles rashes i have seen were bigger kinda open sores or spots...And this rash it small little red dots.. (kinda like a heat rash)..
    *sigh* I dont know.. hes also got a nasty cold.. hes a hot mess.. [​IMG]
    About time to trade him in for a newer model.. [​IMG]
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    Red, are you staying up late at night thinking of these questions.

    Think gallbladder.
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    Quote:LOL! No.. but its bugging me..
    Its one of those things.. "Do i bring him in to the DR... or wait and see?? But then if something explodes in him... thats not good.." [​IMG]
    The things is he never really complains of anything... so it really must be hurting him...
    BUT hes also a big baby when he IS sick... [​IMG]
    So... i guess we'll wait to see if something explodes.. [​IMG]
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    So the Gallbladder is on the RT side?? I thought it was in the middle?? No? [​IMG]
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    Gall Bladder is on the right side. Is it lower right or upper right?
    Appendix is lower and gall bladder is middle to upper right side.

    Could be his large intestine. But there are not many nerves in the intestine so you don't get a intense pain. I have Crohn's Disease so I know about that one. It is a more aching dull pain. Hurts to press if it is inflamed.

    If you press your appendix and it hurts when you let off it is his appendix. Don't wait too long or it will rupture. That is bad.

    Never had gall bladder issues so I can't help you there. A girl in my office said if you have gall bladder pain it will hurt between your shoulder blades.

    Had shingles and the pain starts before the shingles show up. It is a burning pain that follows the nerve. At least mine was. It was not really a rash. More like red lesion things that hurt badly. Mine started in the middle of my back and came around my side to the middle of my chest. Before the rash it felt like someone was burning me with a lighter along the nerve.

    I would go to the Dr at the first chance I had.

    Let us know how it turns out.

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    I would get him to the doc!
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    I'd take him to the doc. You don't want him exploding in the middle of the night...
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    [​IMG] Thank you, Nurse Kathy!
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