What possible breed


10 Years
Jun 5, 2009
I ordered a small order of cuckoo marans from Ideal that came today and they sent an additional 4 babies. 2 of the extra ones look to be just extra cuckoo marans (well at least right now they do)LOL. The other 2 have me stumped and I checked all their breeds they currently have available and cannot fathom what the other 2 are. One is jet black no white anywhere and all I have been able to come up with off their illustrations is female black sex link but I didnt think they added extra girls for warmth. The last baby is blue with cream shading on its chest and belly and cheeks oh and both extras have black legs.

Does anyone have any ideas what they may be?
Can you post some pics?? If so, I bet someone could help you. Without pics it's really hard, many breeds chicks can have the same colored down.


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