What Predator Eats Everything?


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Jan 4, 2009
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So, for some reason, my only blue Langshan pullet was killed. How, out of 5 other birds did it target the ONE I can't replace?!

Anyway, I finally found the body the day after and there's almost nothing left. It looks as though the bird was turned inside out! There is a skeleton with absolutely no meat, the head is still attached. The neck is eaten to the bones, the breast, everything is GONE.

The only feathers still on the bird were the primary wing feathers.

What on earth did this?
Oh geez, I am so sorry.

I have no idea, but will be watching.

I am with you here. I just lost my female Pilgrim last night. Nothing, nowhere. I am sure it is a fox or coyote.

The Pilgrims simply refuse to be locked up and I knew it was just a matter of time.

The DH is upset and is calling a professional trapper he know to come get rid of some of the problems. Racoon, fox, coyote(?)
Raccoons do that. I lost three birds like that to the same one, finally caught the thing. It was a female!
After that, no more of my birds were taken.

I had to resort to putting a baby monitor in the barn and having the receiver in my bedroom. When the chickens started making a ruckus, grabbed the gun and flashlight and went a hunting.
since the first 6 deaths, we have a constant supply of the golden cocktail and other variations out.

Every night some of it has been eaten or drank. Why on earth is there no death other than my birds' happening?
Could a weasel run down a Langshan (10 lb. pullet), drag it through a 200 ft. shed or crawl over a fence to eat it?

It had to run it down...the feathers were outside of the coop against a fence on the other side of the run. I have killed 10 possums this year...but this is just getting ridiculous.
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It could be more than one pred. Maybe the coon/fox had it's share then the smaller rodents cleaned off the bones. just a thought.

Sorry to hear about losing your chook. Hope it doesn't happen again.
The raccoon that was hitting my birds came back about every other day. It would climb a tree, then down the tree into my pen, go into the barn, pull a chicken off of a 4ft high roost, drag it out of the pen and up the tree, down the tree again to about 30 yards away where it consumed the carcass.
Also, the birds it took were a large fowl buff brahma pullet, two large fowl gold laced cochin pullets, and the last was a wheaten marans cockerel which it dropped from the tree (giving away it's location), and promptly died from lead poisoning. It didn't get to consume that one, which is why I didn't list it in the earlier post. The age of the birds were around 6 - 7 months.
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