What predator was it?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by mamabird, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Looked outside this morning and saw a dead chicken in the yard. It was about 10 yards from the coop (they free range in the day and are in a coop at night), and we haven't been shutting the coop doors at night because of the heat. The floor of the coop is about 18-24" off the ground with a solid floor. Anyway - the head was intact, neck was stripped of feathers and meat eaten, breast somewhat eaten, thigh somewhat eaten. We have seen hawks, eagles, raccoons, foxes, and oppossums around, but never in the yard (which is where the coop is). Any ideas what would strip the necks and eat fleshy areas but leave the head?
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    We have stoates, weasels... ( they will sneak up on a sleeping bird, bite its neck and then drag it a few feet away from its nesting spot, and eat, remember little teeth will make fast work, but no broken bones, or bones missing, so if no bones are missing or broken, then it most likely was a smaller mouthed animal, Possum, coons etc, will break bones when eating, coyotes will drag it far away and you normally only find pieces. not the whole bird sans flesh and meat, adn organs. My guess is weasel, ferret, type of critter. Skunks too only eat the meat, but I have seen the weasel do the job, just 12 feet from the broody nest.

    get a rat trap, Screw it to a wooden stake or post, tie some meat on the trigger, and set it. remember baited side pointing down to the ground, about 8 inches from the ground, then mr. weasel, will approach, sniff,, and reach his head up to remove it, WHAM, the head is suspended off the ground and you have a pest in control.

    most cats or dogs will not be able to get their heads under the wire part, it is a great learning tool for house hold type pets.

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    I agree with dirtdoc & the trap idea is really good. THe weasle will keep coming back so I would try the rat trap method that dirtdoc desribed keep posting please.!

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