What sex is my Giant wayandotte chicks

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Mar 22, 2020
Hello everyone! I have 17 blue/ levandler wyandotten but i am confused with the sex. I have uploaded some pictures i think picture 1 is a rooster 2 is a pullet uasuly its obious this time of theylife male are have thicker legs comb tail / neck fethers but not this time. Thank you in advance
How old? They look too young to sex. The second chick has a single comb, so that's why it looks different.
Now 5 weeks old but to me all look rosters what is a single comb means pls?
The first chick picture has a rose comb which is correct for Wyandotte. The second chick has a single comb type, which is incorrect for Wyandotte, but does occur in some.

Generally in Wyandotte males will develop a bright red comb by 6-8 weeks. Females will remain yellow or a pale pink. By 8-10 weeks males should be obvious by their larger redder combs in a large group.
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