What should a month old broiler look like?


Dec 30, 2016
So, for the FFA, we could enter a contest using 3 broilers, goal Is to get them as fat as you can before June 3, the contest day.

I got these lil' chickens on May 26th, everything was going fine until my dad looked at my chickens and said they didn't seem big enough, stage 6 panic has set in.
Immediately my mom jumps in saying I haven't been feeding them enough though I make sure they have plenty of food and water everyday. Contest is in 4 days, help me, please.
Did you mean to post a picture?
If so it didn't upload.
How big they should be depends on the breed. If you've not raised them before it's helpful to have an idea of how large layer pullets are at the same age. If you put a layer pullet and broiler pullet next to each other the general impression should be something like, "Holy moly that's a big pullet!"
Keep going with 24/7 feed and water. Maybe supplement with cracked corn for additional carbs.

here's a picture with a bottle as reference.

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