What should I do about respiratory problems

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    Last month one of my BO hens had a severe prolapse. When I brought her inside I noticed she was wheezing pretty bad. She needed surgery by our vet followed by a 5 day treatment of Baytral for the prolapse. The antibiotic took care of both problems. Yesterday I noiced one my of RIR hens walking sluggishly and not interested in meal worms so picked her up.She was wheezing badly. I started her on the Baytril (yesterday afternoon and this morning) and picked up SpecLinx-50 today (antibiotic specifically for chickens with respiratory illness) and started the flock of seven on it. I just read an article in Backyard Poultry about the overuse of antibiotics so now I'm not sure what to do. Should I discontinue the SpecLinx-50 on the flock?

    SpecLinx-50 contains lincomycin and spectinomycin.

    I'm pretty sure my problem is the DE and powdered Sweet PDZ in the coop. Yesterday morning when I let them out of the coop the air was so thick I had to open the windows and doors to air it out and that happened one day last week when it was cold so I kept them in the coop a little later than usual. I was completely covered in white powder when I left the coop. I am going to clean the coop completely this weekend, replace the shaved pine bedding and use only granular PDZ, no DE. And yes, I'll wear a mask.

    I would be interested to know if anyone has suggestions on how to help the one currently wheezing and if it is wise to treat the whole flock for possible respitory illness. Both times I found hens wheezing I checked the others and they were fine.

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    I would treat them. For as long as the course for the med is. I would not worry about overusing unless you're overusing. But I see you are taking care of the wheezing. There are many meds out there, and you can use a different one next time, then they won't become resistant.

    DE doesn't really help with anything.
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    I suspect that the DE and PDZ are the cause of the symptoms you're seeing. You will be wearing a mask while your chickens will be breathing granular dust, not good for air sacs and respiratory system. I dont recommend antibiotics. Thoroughly clean out your coop and do your best to eliminate anything that can cause dust to be stirred up. Make sure there is adequate ventilation. Roost height should be 18" to 20" up off the floor.
    Respiratory diseases show more symptoms than just wheezing. Here's a link to respiratory diseases in poultry. Take a look and read about Infectious Bronchitis (IB,) Infectious Coryza, Mycoplasma Gallisepticum (MG.)

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