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Mar 15, 2011
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So I really really really want some muscovys to add to my small flock of ducks. But the problem is I still live with my parents and they arent sure they want any more ducks. We only have 6 barnyard ducks as I call them (2 rouen, 1 khaki campbell, 3 anconas), and 2 mandarins, in their own special pen of course. Anyway, what should I do I have found some chocolate muscovys for sale about an hour away. They are a year old and laying, and he want 12 dollars each. Is that a good price? The only night I could meet him is tonight, he works all weeks and is only off weekends, I am usually working weekends. GRRR! I wish my parents would just let me do this I pay for their feed and clean their coop and take care of them. Just want some opinions to see what I should do. Thanks!
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I would say as hard as it is to not be allowed more animals, just be grateful for the ones you have and don't go behind their backs and get some. Best case scenario, they are okay with it and love the new additions, worst case scenario they are really disappointed and lose all respect and trust they have in you. If you're really desperate for these Muscovies, ask your parents to sit and have a proper chat about it, you can then voice your arguments for getting them and just hope they'll agree, and if not at least you'll know why
Worst case scenario:
You get the birds, your parents get really mad, and make you give up all your ducks.

Please respect their wishes of not getting more. Obviously they love you, or they would have not let you get the birds in the first place. In return they ask you to listing to their requests of not getting more birds. I think you have a nice set of parents. An open discussion is the way to go. At least they feel that you understand what they are asking for and that you are seeking permission. You never know, perhaps they will say yes. Just do not jump the gun, plus this will not be the last chance that muscovies will come around.
Thank you all for the advice. I never had any intentions of going behind their backs, I guess I should have said that. LOL! Oops! What I was really after was the advice you gave me. What I should do to convince them that moscovies are great and they would be a great adition to the flock. I did what alot of you had suggested and sat down and talked to them about it. And though they are not to thrilled they have agreed to let me get two. Yay! Im so excited! I know I have great parents and although they dont necissarily LOVE my obsession with my animals, they do understand me. I am very greatful for them and love them very much. But I have agreed that they will be the last ducks that I add for awhile. Which is okay with me. I am also allowed to get two little BB Red OEGB Hens to go with the trio I have. Thank again for the advice. I am hoping to go pick them up tomorrow. That is if I can convince my boss to let me go an hour early. We will see.
You are one very lucky person with some very loving and understanding parents! I absolutely insist you put pics of the new additions as soon as you get them
It just goes to show what good stuff a civil conversation can lead to
Thats my plan. Getting two hens. The guy I am getting them from already sold all his drakes to somebody else.
I already have 6 ducks two drakes with two females each, but I want three females each. Gotta keep the males happy so the girls are happy. Lol!
Plus I want some good broodies, and I heard scovies are one of the best broodies. So I will have some mules and some just plain mixes.
Oh well I will love them none the less.
I am hoping my khaki mates with my ancona so I can see what coloring the babies will be. Anyone seen this done before? Also if anyon else has any mixes of this breed I would love to see them. I have in drakes 1 rouen, 1 ancona, in hens 2 anconas, 1khaki campbell, and 1 rouen, and soon to be two muscovies.
As a parent, I agree 100%. It is hard to understand a child's LOVE for something when "we" don't. But we love our children and try our hardest to help them grow up fulfilled and to be responsible little adults.

I can see your parents "struggle" with adding more animals. I am very happy they are willing to let you get more. Please make sure you tell your parents how wonderful they are. They deserve it!

So, have you picked up your new girls yet?

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