What Should I do for my Lonely Duck?


May 1, 2020
Last night, one of my two 6 month old Swedish ducks got killed by a raccoon. It was very difficult see him like that. His brother is very scared and confused and I'm wondering if I should get him a new companion. I also could take him to a rescue center that takes in farm animals including ducks. I want to do what's best for him. Let me know any ideas you have!
All of my hens were taken away except one, she went into a very long brood and we ended up giving her 15 new chicks. She's all happy now, so yes, I would suggest a new friend.
Ya, get another drake if you aren't worried about eggs. If here are no hens to fight taboo they wont fight. Plus, there are so many males out there that need homes because they are unwanted. Adopting males is such a nice thing to do!
I'm very sorry about the loss of your drake.

Moving forward can you securely predator proof your coop and run? We can give you advice on hardware cloth and skirts if you are unsure. The racoon will likely be back for another meal.

After you are confident your current drake won't be injured or killed I think it would be lovely to adopt a friend for him. Perhaps that rescue center has drakes they can adopt out to you.

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