What should I do if 1 hatches 2 days earlier then others

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by bobbieschicks, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Should I leave her in there until the others pip/hatch or quickly pull her out after 24 hours? How long can she survive in the bator? I thought I read 3 days - but my instructions say to remove after dry and that's about 24 hours. If she's the only one that hatches out of the 4 eggs - what should I do with her? Will she survive without a mate? Should I section off my brooder and let the 3 1/2 week old Leghorns have part and give her a part so she won't be alone or will that stress everyone too much?

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    Leave it in there. i will be fine. I jst had an early hatcher on Sat, due Mon. It was fine in there until early Monday morning when the rest of the hatch was done.
  3. Seems like a good idea about section off the brooder so she won't be alone. Or buy a day old chick someplace to keep her company. I've taken my incubator into the bathroom and got it all steamy to get chicks out. You could probably use a spray bottle and mist inside and grab her out real fast too.

    I've left my chicks in the bator for over 48 hrs and they were fine. Hope your others hatch [​IMG]
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    Okay I won't panic then.
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    I just let mine dry off if there isn't another started I just grab it out quick. Just how I do it. [​IMG]

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    I do take the chicks out as they hatch and put them into a brooder. The temp and humidity in my incubator recovers quite quickly. I look at like having a broody that will get off the nest to eat and poop. I guess I'm lucky as I have always had good hatches. Day 18, I set the eggs in the morning and in the late afternoon one chick hatched and three more at day 19 and the rest at day 20 and 21.
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    I had a chick last hatch that arrived 3 days before his clutch mates. I put him in the brooder and he peeped constantly. I put a small mirror in with him and he hobbled over to it and fell asleep under the heat bulb. Mirror=:lovebuddy!

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