what should I put under my run

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    I've been reading so so much about what others have under their runs; gravel, sand (play/builders) hay, peat moss and dirt, pine shavings, chopped leaves... (I plan to have a corrugated roof over the run)

    I'm so confused. I will have 1/2" wire underneath the coop also and it'll be on dirt, no grass (not that it would last long anyway). I want to cover the wire but so far everything has issues.

    Also, is it ok to use pressure treated wood on the bottom frame of the coop? Is it ok for the birds to be near the chemicals in this wood. I think I need it as it will certainly rot if it's regular wood.

    Thanks for you help!
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    I built mine almost like a sandbox, with old pressure-treated fence boards for the sides. The bottom is covered in galvanized 1/4" mesh, and I covered that with dirt (here, it's mostly clay). On top of that, I poured a couple bags of play sand - it makes it easier to clean poop right off the top, the birds have no problem finding food to peck at, and they seem to prefer sitting on it in the heat of the day, compared to the dirt in the rest of the run.
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    Well, I have grass in my run because my girls free range quite a bit. But I've considered going sand because it's supposed to be so easy to clean (trying to rake poop out of grass is a pain). If you go sand, get it commercially by the truck, not the bag. Much cheaper.
  4. Modern pressure treated wood is fine to use in your run. They haven`t treated wood with arsenic for years. Sand, gravel, etc will all work in a ryn. I have even considered gunite, which is the stuff they mix with cement to spray pools with. Gunite ia course, kinda half way between sand and gravel..........Pop
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