What should I tell them?


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Jan 5, 2009
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Don't know if this should be posted here or not but moderators, please feel free to move it.

My kids school is doing a women's night and I'm going to do a set-up on owning chickens. I know there's tons of information out there but I'd like to post info that maybe we didn't know when we were first starting, and now do know. In other words, what information would you like someone to know who's just starting out, to encourage them to put a coop in their backyard? I will create a little sign for BYC of course (
), as a great place to find fellow chicken fans.

Maybe also a good thing to mention that night is what NOT to do, like purchasing chicks as a cute Easter gift without knowledge of the care required for an adult chicken.

So what do y'all think? Women's night is the 25th.


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Apr 23, 2009
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i think this is a great idea!

I like the idea about the Easter chicks... Many places sell dyed chicks to entice children and others to buy them because they are "cute" and "colorful". Many times these chicks are later discarded, abused, or cared for improperly. I think it would be great to let everyone know that chickens are animals and should be cared for with the respect that we give cats, dogs, horses, and other more typical "pets"...

I think it is good to let beginners know that baby chicks are very sensitive and shouldn't be put on newspaper or cedar shavings.

I would talk about the percentages of protein for the growing ages (chicks 19-21%, layers 16%, etc.)... maybe a bit of info about insoluble grit and calcium and how oyster shell is not the same as grit...

good luck with your presentation!

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