What should i use for bedding??


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
Hey everyone i was just wondering what i should use as a bedding ? I heard that cedar isn't good for the chickens and i know you can use pine but im not sure how much its cost and also straw so what one should i use
any help will be use full thanks
I paid $5.45 for 50lbs of fine pine shavings on friday...they smell nice and make good bedding...Mine came from my local feed store but I'm sure Tractor Supply carries it too.
Pine shavings are not expensive. A bale costs between $5 and $6. I buy from a feed store and get big pine curls. I do not like the fine saw dust style 'shavings' our TSC has. Chicks seem to ingest more of those instead of just pecking like they do the big curls.
I use pine shavings too. The same stuff I put in my horse's stall. I buy mine at the local feed store (Blue Seal, up here in NH; was Southern States when we lived in NC, VA, and MD).

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