What should I use to feed and water my ducks?

The Sever Ranch

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Apr 18, 2013
I have 3 adult mallard ducks and I know what to feed the ducks, but I am wondering what to use to hold the food and water. Inexpensive and good feeders
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Going Quackers

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May 24, 2011
On, Canada
Well there are bunch of options actually. Now for water you have to make sure they can dunk their heads to clear their nares at some point so a bucket or a rubber livestock bowl are good cheap choices..

Like this... Ignore duck in bowl... they also make a good bath spot

Now for feeders, we made one... it's an old ship crate... we actually enlarged the top piece too but you get the idea.

After that you can use chicken feeders too... really just depends on the where for indoors it's a bit easier, outdoors your dealing with the elements.

Now i do use big waterers like this too.. this is what my 5wk old have.. but again you have to make sure the nares can be cleaned so they get access to smaller rubber bowls later on.. this is more for safety and overnight usage.

The biggest issue i find is ensuring the beaks can fit into the item, some chicken feeders are too tight for a bill to enter easily.

Forgot sometimes for inside use, goat/sheep feeders can be great, i have one mounted on the wall of their barn.
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Connie White

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Mar 22, 2013
Cedar Bluff, Alabama
I just let mine out in the yard - they eat all day long and are especially happy when it rains....a lot! Mine eat around the house and hit any low area - I have chickens who free range too but the ducks seem to do well with virtually no additional food! Of course, that's during warm weather when the ground is not frozen. I do give my duckies treats - mostly to help me get them into their shelter area at night - I like for them to come when I call and for them to be trusting enough to be around me - so I give them chicken scratch, cracked corn and sometimes layer pellets - but nothing much. I have and LOVE my Muscovy's - they are pretty robust! I would also suggest to not clip the wings - give them a chance to get away if something tries to eat them. As long as they are used to your area - know you will give them treats and shelter - they will fly back -or come back, they like being around their crowd! I only know about Muscovy's as the Pekins were eaten very early - big, fat, white and they cannot fly - wasn't good - and they were VERY dirty where Muscovy's are clean.

I hope this helps - let'em free range - they'll eat the bugs and such in your yard!


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