What should (if any) I add to my mini flock of 2 BCM and 2 Welsummers?


13 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Pilot Hill, CA
I have 2 Black Copper Marans and 2 Welsummer 6 week old pullets. I can't help but to want to add a *few* more... The feed store by me is getting chicks next week and I'm itching to get 4 more. I'd like to get 2 Ameracuana's and am wondering what else to add.

I will be attempting to move my girls to their coop this weekend, and that would free up the brooder for new chicks. I realize I would need to keep the new ones separate, which will not be a problem, but am I potentailly making a mistake? My gals are vigorous and healthy - I would hate to jeopardize that.

Any words of wisdom are appreciated!
I agree- the feed store will label them Ameraucana/Araucana but theyll be wonderful Easter Eggers of unpredictable color- great, friendly birds with lovely eggs.

I'd also get some Cochins or something interesting! I have a mixed bag just for the fun of all the different looks!
I agree. An Ameraucana or EE would be in order. I'd also get a hen that lays a "normal" brown egg, and a white egg layer as well. My egg customers love the diversity!
If it were me and I wanted four more pullets, not roosters, and hens that were not likely to go broody, I'd get two EE's for the egg color, a black sex link and a red sex link. You are taking a chance on the sex of the EE's but the egg color would be worth it to me. With the sex links, you get hens that are not as likely to go broody as some breeds, should lay a lot of nice brown eggs, often have great personalities, will not be roosters if you watch what you are getting, and will probably make very attractive hens. They should also be very easy to tell apart.

That's a nice mix that should be pretty friendly, and be a great mix of colors in the yard and in the egg carton.

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