What should my final 2 duck breeds be?


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Jul 8, 2012
North Dakota
I have a future poultry plan to get 50 hens, 5 roosters, 27 ducks, 9 drakes, 6 geese, and 6 ganders. I get everything in groups of 2. I have 16/18 of my breeds planned. I need help picking 2 more. There is only 1 requirement. They have to be able to be sold sexed. Here are the current 16 breeds I'm planning.

Buff Orpington Drake 1
Buff Orpington Duck 1
Khaki Campbell Drake 1
Khaki Campbell Duck 1
Rouen Drake 1
Rouen Duck 1
Welsh Harlequin Drake 1
Welsh Harlequin Duck 1
Tri-Color Ancona Drake 1
Tri-Color Ancona Duck 1
French White Muscovy Drake 1
French White Muscovy Duck 1
Silver Appleyard Drake 1
Silver Appleyard Duck 1
Pekin Duck 2
Jumbo Pekin Duck 2
Blue Swedish Duck 2
Black Swedish Duck 2
Cayuga Duck 2
Fawn & White Runner Duck 2
Chocolate Runner Duck 2
Blue Runner Duck 2
Black Runner Duck 2

Now remember all I need is a male and a female of the next 2 breeds. And this is a plan for 6-8 years to tell you that. My 2 suppliers right now for this duck order are Metzer's Farm and Celtic Oaks. But I'm open to every other type of safe hatchery. And I'm only getting the one variety of Muscovy.
Not really. I'm not letting anybody hatch eggs anyway. I might separate the Muscovies because of the size of their males.
wow, quite an ambitious plan you have there lol I don't see calls, everyone needs a hollering female call.
Ok, I'll check on that breed. I'm guessing I'll have to separate them from the Muscovy Male. And where can you get them sexed? Would cats catch them because of their small size?
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