what should the humidity be for chicken eggs is 70% to high?


11 Years
Oct 10, 2008
Northern CA
HELP! I just received 10 chicken eggs from murray mcmurray and the humidity is insisting on staying at 70%-72% is that to high ? Is my hatch ruined?
Yes, that's too high. Don't give up on them yet though, but open the incubator and let some of that out. Might need to keep the vent plug or two out for a bit until it gets stabilized. Ideally it should be under 50%, between the 37-47% range. If you can, wick up some of the water with a paper towel.
I just took out all of the water with a turkey baster but the humidity just keeps on getting higher. At one point it was 76% humidity, I am using a sprigfeild percise temp I bought on ebay and it reads 50% humidity in the room the incubator is in so I think it is correct.I am so confused!
GREAT news! I opened the vent plugs and let some air out, now it is at 60% humidity and is still warming up but is at98.8 degrees!Thank you so much,have a wonderful day!
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