What should they be doing on the nest?


10 Years
May 18, 2009
Salcha, Alaska
OK my geese are setting on their eggs, we are about two weeks in, but I havn't seen them eat much...they drink a little...
I tried giving them greens they just decrated their nest with it?

Is this normal, I have also noticed profuse green diarrhea? like water... I changed their food to a duck and goose im thinking this was a mistake? They seem bright, alert, vocal, and they are turning the eggs and making sure their nest is perfect...

Can someone help, I don't want to lose my geese or their eggs?

All I can say is that it sounds pretty normal to me. Mine would leave the nest for only a short time about twice a day. They would drink, gobble down some feed, And Poop. If the day was hot 85+ they might jump in the pool and splash like they usually do while taking a bath. They move at a quick pace and don't seem to be distracted by much. they have a mission to do and get back to their nest. just setting there keeping those eggs warm does not take a lot of energy so yes I agree that feed and water consumption is less than usual. If they are grabbing concentrated feed their poop does to tend to be thinner than usual. These 'one shot' poops tend to be larger than the usual every 20 minute deals and really STINK. Thats about all I can tell you. Hope it helps.
nope perfect, now I know not to worry, I hate being a new owner and not knowing stuff, but im learning loads!
...thanks guys...always so helpful!

back to waiting for the goslings, just two more weeks to go i think?
You should post pics.. i want to see pics... of mommas and soon to babies...
Geese are beautiful birds;)

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