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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kidd42, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    We are newbie/first timers. So we are a bit apprehensive, excited non the less. The chicks will be here from McMurrey's the week of the 23rd. We have a large brooder to keep them in. Besides the heat lamp, food and water dish, pine shavings, thermometer. What else should we have on hand? Any sort of medicine? Special feed? etc. When we first get the babies, do we leave them alone for a day or so to recover from their travels, or do we start to handle them so they get to know us?
    We have posted a few other questions here and everyone has been very helpful and kind. Any advice from your experiance's will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You!

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    Did you elect to have McMurray vaccinate your chicks? If so, you do not want to use medicated feed. If not, I would recomend getting some. Did you order the Quick Chick? If not it is no problem. I can't remember what the green stuff is called, but you mix it with water and let is set up, it will absorb the water, and spread it on their feed the first day. I gave my chicks sugar water the first four days, 3 tbl spoons per waterer. I have three 1 quart size waterers. I would also get some marbles to put is the water trough to keep them from drowning themselves. Other than these things I would just dip their beaks in the water right out of the box and maybe wait till the next day to start snuggeling. Good Luck and I hope this helps. Chris
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    Dont keep them on pine shavings for the first week, they might eat them. Start them off on non stick self liner. You can get it at Walmart . You can clean and reuse those. Or puppy piddle pats will work too.

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