What size eggs will these breeds lay at maturity?


12 Years
Jan 29, 2011
Niles, MI
My RIR, who was hatched in October, has suddenly started laying an almost large sized egg. It got me thinking...What size eggs will the following breeds lay, when fully mature. And at what age are they fully mature?

Rhode Island Red (hatchery type)
Barred Rock (hatchery type)
EE (hatchery type)
Ameraucana (breeder type)
Silkie (hatchery type)
Silkie (breeder)
Jersey Giant (breeder type)
Silkie/Cochin (breeder type)
Buff Orpington (hatchery type)
Silver Laced Wyandotte (hatchery type)

Thank you for the link. Certainly not the easiest chart to read, and the egg sizes are not in our US standard, however, with a little digging and noting, it's helpful.
I can help a little by telling you what size my girls of those types lay.

RIR = large
Barred = large
EE = medium
Ameraucana = not mature yet but lays medium now
Silkie = small
Silver Wyan = not mature yet, medium

Large for me means fits VERY snug in the carton, sometimes the lid doesn't want to fit correctly.

Medium means they fit just right in the carton, no wiggle.
Small means they wiggle side to side if you jostle the carton.

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