What size is the average Orpington egg?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by HEChicken, Jan 18, 2010.

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    Ok, I've done the search and I know that Orpingtons lay "large" eggs, but my question is more specific - what would be an average size of an Orpington egg in either grams or ounces. Here's what my girl has done for me so far:

    First 7 eggs weighed 40g apiece (1.4oz)
    Next 2 eggs were 44g (1.55oz)
    Last 2 days her egg was up to 48g (1.7oz)

    I'm just wondering how close these are to being "full-sized". DD is keen to have her go broody and hatch out some chicks but I told her we wouldn't let her hatch out the small pullet eggs anyway, since they wouldn't give a developing chick enough room to grow. When I compared her first egg (40g) to the last of my store bought eggs (60g), there was a huge difference in size. But now that her eggs are up to 48g, there isn't such a difference, so I'm wondering - if she were to go broody tomorrow (not likely I know - this is just curiosity & hypothetical), could she successfully brood these 48g eggs, or will they make it all the way up to 60g like the store bought eggs?
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    I go by how they fit into egg cartons since I don't have an egg scale, so bare with me. Pullet eggs are medium, then as they progress through the laying season they get larger and finish out as large to x-large eggs. The egg shells may also change a little with color, but they should always be brown.
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    I have one BO that started laying December 5th. I have about 8 of her eggs right now and they all weigh either 48 or 50 grams. I was surprised that they are so consistent. She did lay a double yolker right before New Year's but I didn't weigh it.
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    Mine has been laying since September, her eggs are much bigger now then when she first started. Sorry I dont weigh them, just eat them. Just give her time, they will get bigger.
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    all 4 of mine are just laying Medium size eggs but there all pretty much beginners right now.
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    My two are a little over a year old and their eggs weigh from 2.2 to 2.4 ounces, pretty large! Hope this helps! [​IMG] Genie
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    i dont have a scale but I knwo my BO's eggs are the same size as ex-lrg ones from the store. They are super great too.

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