What size should the nest boxes be?


9 Years
Mar 6, 2011
The plan we're using has a 34" box divided into 3 nest boxes. That is just about 11" for each box. That seems small to me. We're thinking of dividing it into 2 nest boxes instead. Typically, how wide should the nest boxes be? I am going to have standard fowl along with one cochin and one faverolle. Not sure if the cochin and faverolle count as standard or are bigger.

Also, how many hens will two nest boxes accomodate?

Thank you,
I would make only 2 nest boxes from that size and they will love it, they often nest many many to a box. LOL they all seem to want to lay where the others have so you will be fine if you had 10 birds and 2 boxes. I have 9 in one pen and they only use 3 boxes where there are 20 others to choose from LOL.
I like boxes to be 12"X12"X12"...

That's ideal. I think you could get away with 3 boxes and that gives them some privacy.
Thank you, Everyone! Hopefully the girls like it. My husband says it will be easy to change if they don't.


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