What "stage 2" cage do you use before the chicken coop?

We are very new at this too. Our chicks are about the same age. Someone suggested a Gaylord box (big produce box). We picked up such a box (had held 5 lb bags of potatoes) from our local Costco. It's approximately 40" x 40" and 30-36" high. I'll upload a picture when I get home tonight. Most grocery stores may get these delivered.
Ours are 3 weeks old today. We had to move them to stage 2 type living quarters too. 17 chicks are now in a 3’x6’ brooder in garage. Solid bottom and sides, and hardware cloth tops.
Wait, you got this box for FREE at a grocery store!?!

Mine was not free- was built with leftover wood and some hardware cloth and some wheels we had. Another poster indicated getting a large produce box (like the ones watermelons come in) that was free from grocery store. Some people use 2 of those, connected.

What you see on the bottom of this brooder made from extra wood is a piece of inexpensive vinyl flooring to make cleanup easier. We did buy it, and for ease of cleaning, it was worth it. When we used a cardboard box, we bought the 100 pack of puppy pee pads from Walmart to line the bottom, with added pine shavings. I don’t think you would want to use contact paper because it is possibly too thin, and would loose its stock quick due to the dust and the chicks might destroy it. However, you can see the heat plate in one pic and it is covered with “press n seal” Cling wrap. The chicks do pick at it a little bit, but mostly leave it alone.
We built what we call our chick U.. having fostered preemie babies from the NICU we found the term CHICK U to be appropriate.

Under our raised coop we completely closed the the outer sides with the wood covering the upper coop. Then we made a chicken wire door the width of the coop. It's basically a short version of the big coop upstairs.

It's a somewhat short space. We have little roosts etc. And we do use a lamp.

This space is basically secure inside the large coop/run area for the other hens. They can see one another through the wire, but can not access each other.

I find my "turkey Dirk" watching over the chicks from his side. He's a gentle protector.

We have used this to set our broody hen to hatch and raise her clutch, and we've used it for our new chicks two seasons now. It works well and keeps everyone somewhat in the same area but secure. The space is about 6x4 ft and about 2 ft high.

When we aren't using it for chicks, it remains open for extra space for the hens.

I'll see if I can find a picture.

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