What takes Blu Kote off of skin?

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    May 8, 2007
    I would try a little peroxide.
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    Henry'schickens :

    I was trying to find some blu-kote at the farm store the other day. After reading all this I'm not sure I want to buy some now.[​IMG]
    I just wanted to have it on hand if ever needed. Can someone please tell me does it come in a salve or spray or what? I found some called wound kote (sray) for horses but it did not mention chickens. It did say not to use on cats. Is it the same?

    It does come in a spray and a dauber bottle. I would not get the spray because it's harder to control on a chicken!
    I use the dauber bottle and always wear gloves or reuse Walmart plastic bags as make-do gloves and I learned the hard way to get as much of it OFF the dauber before you touch it to the chicken so you don't get covered when they inevitably shake to get it off. It does stings a bit at first and they don't like it so they do shake. Using a smaller applicator like a Q-tip would be even better.

    Great to know about toothpaste getting it off though...thanks PulletPimp!​
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    Thanks again for all the responses. I look normal again instaed of a freckled smurf!

    AngelzFyre is right - it's not the applicator - it's the SHAKING that got me.

    Rooster's revenge, I guess. Next time - what? a ski mask? a goalie mask?

    My neighbors already think I'm a weirdo for sitting outside and talking to the chickens - what will they think when I'm out there with a mask on? [​IMG]

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