What temp for hatching?

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    I Have chicks pipping. Should my temp be different or the same as during incubation? Its at 99 right now in a still air incubator. My humidity is at about 74% is that alright? SO far I have 6 pips but nothing further.
    I'm anxious! [​IMG]:barnie Lets go babies!! [​IMG]:jumpy

    If this posts twice I'm sorry, I tried the first time and it didn't go through!
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    Nov 15, 2011
    Yes, the temperature during hatching time should be the same as during incubation [​IMG]

    Humidity for lockdown should be anywhere from 60-70%
    Some people have better luck with lower humidity, some with higher. Some people can't
    hatch anything over 60%, some people can't hatch anything under 60 %. It depends
    on where you live, etc. Generally, 74% is ok.
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    Quote:No need to change the temp and that is about where I keep my humidity at lockdown and if you have pips I say you are doing ok... Sometimes they take minutes from pip to hatch and sometimes they take hours. Just be patient.
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