What temperature do as egg need to reach to not be hatchable?


12 Years
Jan 15, 2008
Central Florida
I know we usually try to prevent this, but I have eggs that I want to sell as eating eggs. They are Black Copper Marans eggs of nice color, and I do not want someone to have the ability to hatch them (I think there is a possibility that a roo may have escaped =/ ) Is there something I can do like bring the temperature of the egg down low enough to make it unhatchable if it is fertile, without decreasing egg quality?
Thank you for suggestions!
Just wash them well to take the bloom off and then keep them longer than a week and the chance of hatching them will be very low. Keep them 2 weeks and the chance will be nil. they will still be better quality and fresher than anything someone could buy at a supermarket. Fridge temps do not lower hatch rates much at all and any lower could cause the egg white to sperate or the yokes to be ruptured or easy to rupture which will appear to the buyer that the eggs were not fresh at all. Still good for baking but not so nice to look at in a pan, unless scrambled.

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