What the feed store guy/gal said - a new thread, enter your encounter


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Aug 7, 2011
west virginia
this may not be the right category, but here goes, I saw in a farm catalog -chicken nipples, to put in your 5 gallon bucket waterer, apparently the chickens will drink from them, and boy are they cheap, so hating mail order I went to our local feed/hardware store and asked the guy if he has chicken nipples, the guy sort of rubbed his chest and said "I don' think so"
now it's your turn, had an encounter? ha ha ha
-can't top that! but I'll add to the thread-
My feed store guy refused to sell me any scratch for my (then) 8 week olds - I wanted to give them some fruit treats - he told me that anything but starter for the first 16 weeks and they will die. He was very sincere.....
I gave my 4 week old chicks and their mama chickadee feed - right? It has a cool mixture of peanuts and things in it, they absolutley loved it, I mean, come on, little chickadees eat it right? You should see what my hen is feeding 3 day old chicks - she thinks I'm backward. (As a treat i mean, not a diet)
Oh yeah, the feedstore guy, I know I know, it still brings tears to my eyes, I had to walk away
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The guy at the feed store told my husband and I that its okay to breed sisters and brothers with chickens and rabbits, the babies might come out with an extra leg, but that's just extra meat anyway. He was serious as well.

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