What the heck!!! RASH!


9 Years
Jun 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
I broke out in a really puffy itchy red rash evening before last all over my face and neck!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never have problems like this!!! I don't have any allergies, and not on any medication, and eat and drink sensibly.

The only thing I can think of was that I

1. Took 1 capsule of olive leaf extract (which is supposed to BOOST the immune system) or

2. Had a glass of strawberry juice.

Nothing else has changed, no laundry detergent changes, soap changes, nothing!

I have been taking Benadryl but it doesn't seem to help that much.

Anyone have any ideas where this came from and how to make it go away? It's getting really painful.
That is not hives. I recently went through a huge ordeal of diagnosis for a mystery rash on my body and face. Also thought I had hives, turned out I had eczema on my face and a rare form of it on the rest of me. I was and still am being tested for autoimmune disorders such as Lupus. After going to the dermatologist many many times in the last few months I have learned a ton about how our skin works. Please go to the doctor, especially since antihistiamines are not working for you. That is when I knew I had to go see a specialist -- when regular rash creams, lotions, and antihistamines weren't helping at all.
Probably hives. Strawberries are a frequent food allergy. Keep taking Benadryl, as much as the bottle says. If you get any lip/tongue swelling or trouble breathing, get to ER. If it is not getting better in a few days, could get some steroids from your doctor, but Benaadryl is usually enough.
I've never been allergic to anything before in my life... is it something that just pops up randomly out of the blue?

I did have another unusual rash about 6 months ago, but found out it was because I had changed my shampoo, when I changed it back it went away. Also, it wasn't on my FACE! That's the weirdest part.

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