What to add to this coop?


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Jul 3, 2022
Hi! Reused this old rabbit hutch and turned it into a coop for these coturnix (2/3 in pic). So far I have three food sites, three water sites, 4 ways to hide, and a few plants to cover. What else should or could I add to this to make them more comfortable? More fake plants? Real plants ?


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Toys or perches is all I can think of. Some chickens like mirrors or other colorful things (you can find toy packets for chickens on Amazon). it looks amazing 🤩
This looks great!!! I wouldn’t change or add a thing, they should be very happy with the habitat you’ve created! They love both open spaces to stretch and bask in the sunshine and places to hide. You did a wonderful job being thoughtful of reducing territorial behavior with the multiple feed/water stations. :clap

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