What to charge for farm fresh eggs


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My seven hens are averaging 4-6 eggs a day, and I'm up to my ankles in chicken ova (64 to be precise). I would like to sell the eggs, but what should I charge? My mother managed to sell some at work for $3-3.50 for a carton of 18 eggs. Is this highway robbery or chump change?

Let me know your thoughts.
Locality and demand will dictate what you can charge and receive. I sell mine for $3.00 a dozen. I have heard of people paying $5.00 a dozen if they are closer to a major city. Other people in my area also charge $3.00.
I went from $2 to $3 a dozen a few months back when feed began climbing. My customers never blinked. Today I was looking at the Organic eggs at the market and noticed they just jumped from $3 to $4 a dozen. $6 for free range so if feed prices continue to climb I might adjust to $3.50.
We just started selling, so we're still working things out, but for now it's $5.00 / dozen.
A friend in the city buys 2 dozen / month for $6.00 each (he was paying $8.00 / dozen at the store).
Some of our neighbors get the discount price of $4.00 / dozen.
Luckily, I live in an area where some people value the quality of the chickens' lives over the price of the eggs.
I get $2.00 which according to some people is way too much. Last fall I was getting $1.50 and some people were upset that I raised my price, well feed for the lil buggers is expensive I tell them.

I will trade for other things though and I also will bake things for people if they'd rather do it that way. I have made a few angel food cakes ($5 unfrosted $7 Frosted) and I trade eggs for fresh cow's milk--3 dozen for 2 gallons.

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