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My broody hen is about to hatch her babies anytime ! I dont know when shes first sat on them, but anytime ! My questions is... what do I do with her and her babies around other hens? I am afraid they will peck on the babies, should I seperate them or leave them alone?
I put my broody hen and babies in a smaller coop (it's a 6x6 A-frame). I just gathered them up in a box, and mama followed right along and I put them inside the coop.

I was really afraid to let them out with the flock, but I just opened the run door one day, because I could tell mama wanted out badly. She was very protective over her babies and no other chicken dared to touch them.

It was really cute--her good friends (two older hens) were allowed to come look at the babies, but two other hens that I haven't had as long, were NOT! She would really chase them away. They eventually all joined the flock with no problems at all, even though they're still about half the size of the adults.

I have a wonderful rooster, and he would just look at the chicks, but never harmed them. I wonder if he knew they were his babies. I was truly amazed at how the flock accepted them all.
My broodies are sharing a clutch, due to hatch next Friday
Based on other posts, I'm leaving them in the main coop to sort it out. I think one momma has already growled at enough hens to keep them from being a problem. The SF roo that's in the coop is rather a new guy, I'm a little concerned about him, but from what I've read, roos are rarely the problem, it's the other hens....
I am going to make a small gate Just in case ! I will keep my eye on them to make sure the other hens dont get aggressive. I hope they will leave them alone !
If you can leave them in with everyone else, things will be much easier for you and them. They will grow up integrated in the flock and you don't have to do anything :)

It's always good to have a contingency plan!
I had one chickie hatch this morning , but the other hens killed it !!! This time I blocked them and hope the others hatch... waaaa!!
My suggestion.... KEEP away from other hens.
I am going to make a small gate Just in case ! I will keep my eye on them to make sure the other hens dont get aggressive. I hope they will leave them alone !
I think that is a good idea
I always have mine separate for a number of reasons for safety and the fact they need chick starter and I prefer to do
1 bag of medicated just to get them on good start then go to unmedicated

I had a friend that gave me 3 baby chicks that were week old mom died.
had them in their own place with heat lamp and while I was getting feed one of my 3 month old pullets ran in
have no idea why or how but she decided she wanted to be a mom or big sister she is taking care of them like she is mom
have never had that before and very interesting.. But dont think I would put them with other flock. thats just me

Also mine all get to free range few hrs a day and definately can't let little ones out yet
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