What to do after losing one?

Jun 10, 2021
Just curious your opinion...I let my girls out of their run/coop to free range during the day and lock them up at night. Today I came home and everyone ran to greet me except one. My pied guinea is no where to be found. No feathers to show something got after her. I have looked around and can't find her. She didn't come back to the coop after dark either. Would y'all leave the others confined to the run for tomorrow in case a hawk came and got her or would you just continue letting them out like they are used to?
You may find she comes back in 3 weeks or so with some little friends . That happened 2x this year already to us but we have very few to no preditors
Awww...I wouldn't mind that one bit lol. My husband is praying she shows up cause I only had two guineas and now I'm down to one. So I told him I needed to get two or three more. He said...wait that don't add up...you lose one and you get 2-3 more? I said yep that's how chicken math works...you can't have one by itself and if you get three then maybe they can stand up for each other when its time to put them in the coop with the bigger ones 😂 but I would much rather have her come back. I'm not ready for more chicks yet. Lol. That's my mid-springtime fun haha

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