What to do for a chick with pecked eyes


11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
Walla Walla
I have a Cochin who can't open its eyes. My husband said one of the Wyandottes had been pecking at its eyes earlier that day. I have 15 chicks in one brooder. Should I remove the Cochin and put it with a few other mellow chicks in a separate brooder? Is this something that happens a lot with chickens? When I first got them it seemed to be something they did often but not excessively.
I would separate the chick from the others.
You may want to rinse them with saline solution for eyes. Don't use just any eyedrops as they usually have preservatives in them which can be bad for eyes and it stings. I have used preservative free eye gel on my chickens. It is rather expensive, but I had some on hand for myself, for eyesurgery.
Good luck with the little one.
Thanks for the quick feedback, and to the people in the chat also.
I have used saline and got the eyes open for a little while.
Right now I have the two Cochins by themselves and they are cuddled up, asleep.
I will keep you all updated.

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