What to do for diffrent types of mites.


8 Years
Jan 3, 2012
I have 20-30 hens. one day i noticed bugs. i didn't really know what to do, and didn't think of googling. someone told me to dust them with 7's powder. it helped but i never got rid of the bugs. then i noticed their leg scales were raising and some, got these hard white crusty thing. i was told to use Vaseline. it kind of worked. i actually had 1 hen loose her2 back toes because of lost circulation.

after the hen lost those toes and my favorite hen is getting those white rock things i wanted to do something. i don't care what i use. i just want these bugs gone! after i hold one i feel like the bugs are all over me.

anyway, what can i use to kill these bugs including internal parasites? i have read ivermectin

it needs to be something that is not very expensive, something i can get at the feed store, and not have to dose very often.

first what?
how much?
how often?
how and where do i administer it at? i don't mind injection

any other tips would be great! thx.

most of my chickens are golden sex- links. i also have a couple americonas sp? 2 austrlorps and a road island red. the golden sex=links are very boney, and have never weighed that much.

i can add more detail but i am in a hurry, thanks!!!
the leg scales need to be treated several times I think and I believe some people add 7's to the vaseline. have not had to deal with them myself. some use dog flee dip and dip each chicken in a pail of water & dog dip. Ivermech is good for lice and mites as well as some worms. can get at TSC or other farm stores. some types can be added to the water.you need to treat now and again in 10 days to get any eggs that hatch after 1st. treatment. coop and roosts also need to be cleaned and dusted as the mites will hide in every corner or crack in the wall.If you use the Ivermech you need to toss all eggs for 21 to 25 days. good luck. perhaps some one will pipe in with a better treatment. I haven't had much experience with either.
For scaly leg mites dip the legs in mineral or vegetable oil every day for two weeks. This will smother the mites. The scales if very badly affected might not look better until the molt of the leg scales, but the bugs should be dead. Also oil the combs, as those mites sometimes go for the facial area.

For the bugs on the birds that crawl on you, use sevin dust or permethrin dust (poultry dust) and retreat in 10 days. Here is a link:

I have read that the egg withdrawal time for poultry dust is 7 days.

Also you need to clean the coop out and throw out all shavings in nest boxes and in the coop, spray with permethrin spray or sprinkle sevin dust all over (or poultry dust) and do this again when retreating in 10 days.

If you identify your bugs as lice (see above link) I believe the link recommends 14 days for lice retreatment instead of 10. But for mites I recommend 10 days.

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