What to do w/ extra quail eggs...I found the solution

Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

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Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
I had 20 button eggs going bad in the 'frige so I boiled them and fed them to my different kinds of poultry, including Guineas, Chickens and Quail...talk about poultry mobbing!!!

They were flying all over me trying to get at the treats...anyway..for you peeps who have extra eggs you aren't using..they make a healthy treat for your 'gals.
I do that every week with my smaller bantam eggs and any stray coturnix eggs they decide to lay during the 'off' season. Better than throwing them away. If I boil them I use a Slap-Chop to chop them, shell and all, or I scramble them by putting them in the pan and 'popping' them with a potato masher. Then I just use the masher as my spatula to move them around so they are fully cooked.
??? I just eat them myself. Extra eggs are not usually an issue around here...
They aren't for you because you only have quail. I'm getting about 2 dozen eggs daily just from the 'yard bird' chickens...that's not counting any eggs from my penned-up breeders and other species of fowl. Plus, I can't eat them, so there are always extras...lots and lots of extras!
ROFL I know. I've had chickens & ducks in the past, though. Never had tons of extra eggs, though.
Thats what we do with most of the coturnix eggs that don't get eaten. Dont have buttons but I'd probably just blow them out and keep the shells
Thats what I'd do if I got any anyways LOL.


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