What to do with curled toes???


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May 15, 2010
My first baby that hatched last night, I noted that his toes were excessively curled. I left him in the bator all night to dry off hoping he would be ok and when I checked him this morning, he can stand up but his toes are curled into a ball. He can walk (kinda). He can stand so I don't think it is anything with his legs. Will his toes uncurl? This is my first experience with quail and I didn't know if this was a common issue or not? Any ideas?
With our chicken chicks we use bandaids, using only the sticky part, flatten the toes and stick them top & bottom in the "correct" position. I find it tricky to do this alone but it does work after a few days they are all set.
Ok, now he looks like a mini duck with the band aids on lol. How many days should I leave them on?
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until you see that he's walking flat footed i think. I only had this happen with a button quail chick and his foot was straightened out after a day . was it a slow hatch? what was your humidity? sometimes it can be genetics too i understand....
Usually a day or two. Just keep an eye on the toes to make sure there is no swelling. I have left to "brace" on till it falls off and have taken it off after 2 days. Keep an eye on it and she should be fine.

PS - Any pics?
Two of the others appear to be splayed leg too. The humidity was right at 60% during lockdown and about 45 for incubating. They are not late. Today is day 16. I have 9 total and the remaining six are doing great.
A couple of them appear weak. I gave them a sip of PolyViSol straight from the dropper. I'm gonna watch them really close.

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