What to do with ducks with temperatures below 20°


Nov 9, 2020
So I live up in Maine and this week its not going to get above 25°. And I’m not sure what to do with the ducks. They have a pen area and a coop filled with fresh straw...should I let them out in the pen and allow them to freerange? Or should I keep them in the coop until it gets warmer? I really don’t want them getting frostbite.
We live in Aroostook county and i let our ducks out at -5F as long as i know the temperature will be going up a little. I let them out at 7 and it was -4 but as I said no pool today due to the wind. I spread hay and woodchips on the ground from their coop door to the food and water, an area the size of a small car and they will be in and out all day.
Does your coop have ventilation? If it's well ventilated they shouldn't get frostbite.

They should be fine outside in cold temperatures - ducks do not get cold easily.
My ducks are in their coop at night and have access to their run all day, year round. I’m in NW Ontario so we get some pretty awful cold spells; much, much colder than 25 degrees for days on end. :) as long as they have protection from wind and some bedding to hunker down into to keep their legs warm, they’ll be just fine. They tolerate cold better than chickens do. 👍 and unlike chickens, the only part of them that’s really susceptible to frostbite is their feet and legs.
My ducks never had a problem with the cold. I did notice the first snow often they wouldn't go out in it. They'd prefer to stay in the barn but I'm in Ohio and never really had a problem for them.

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