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Howdy folks,
I have finally decided to do it again. Here in just a few weeks I will be getting some chicks. Just a few.
I kept some chickens once but it has been ten years now. I really enjoyed it at the time and I know I will again.
But to the question. Back then I let my rooster run loose with the hens. It literally nearly killed all of them. Wore the feathers clean off the hens backs.
Finally put him in a small pen and kept him seperate. Would really like to have a rooster again but I am wondering if all roosters behave as this one did. Do you have to keep your roooster apart from your hens?
My rooster runs with the girls. Sounds like the one you have is a hard breeder. Might try a new rooster who is more gentle.

Oh... and how many hens do you have? I have 14 for 1 rooster, ideally it is about 1:10.
I have never had this problem but I'm sure someone out there has experienced this? My roosters were (except the one I have now) always real active breeders but I've never had one wear the feathers off the gals!
Not all roosters will do that, it depends on the indivdual.

You need to keep enough hens so that he isn't overmating just a few. A ratio of 10 hens per roo works well.

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When I was just starting out, my sister (who has kept poultry for many years) suggested getting a banty rooster. She said they are easier on the standard hens. Just can't use him for breeding, though.

I still don't have a rooster. Can't seem to make up my mind whether I want one or not.
We have one rooster and 7 hens but he is so gentle with all his girls that it works good. He spends a lot of time mating with them but he isn't rough at all. He is an absolute doll and I love having him. It all depends on the roo.
As I said, it has been about 10 years ago. But as best I recall there were 8 hens. These were silver laced wyandotts. Beauties too. I also forgot to mention I ended up having to put the rooster out of my misery. You did not dare turn your back on the thing. It would flog you from to top to bottom.
Nothing I did would make it quit. Still wanna get a rooster this time.
No Chris, you should not have to keep your roo seperate from your ladies. Not all roosters are like yours.

I have a Black Jersey Giant roo that I let free range with my 2 Black Sex-link and he is so gentle with those girls. They have all their feathers, you can't even tell that they run with a rooster. They know and trust him too, they scream bloody murder if any other roo takes an interest in them. LOL. That trio is so cute and fun to watch. A good rooster will take care of his women.

If you just want a rooster to have and not breed, I suggest getting a bantam. When you get a bantam roo for your hens, they are typically more gentle and will not pluck your hens bald. There are TONS of bantams, so your selection is very broad. Most standard breeds have a bantam counterpart(same breed, just bred down). So if you were to get the bantam counterpart to your hens, any fertile eggs will be pure, but the birds will be an "inbetween" size.

Sounds like you just need to replace your current roo and look for a more suitable one.

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