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Aug 29, 2009
So my chickens are about a month old now. I'm in love. They are all healthy and doing great.
But I still have my packing peanuts and I am wondering at what point do I start trying to find someone to take them or bring them someplace to be processed. We have no intentions of keeping them but arent' sure what to do with them. I know I probably should have figured this part out ahead of time.

I'd love if Icould have them processed and have the meat for our family but I'd have to not tell my family (don't ask) and I'd have to find some place that does it in my area (I just can't do it myself).

So to sum up...
What do you generally do with your packing peanuts?
If you process or have them processed - at what age is best timing?
If you have them processed by someone else - how do you find someone to do it?
If you give them away or sell them - how do you go about it?

side note: Rhode Island reds that we got are amazing - I'm so in love - they are beautiful!!!!


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Oct 15, 2007
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Check with your local feed store - they might know someone local who will do it for you. If not, ask if you can post a flyer if they have a bulletin board. Craig's List is also a great source of info. You can post an ad in the farm/garden section. Also keep an eye out for ads selling chicks/chickens. Often those who sell will also process so you can always email or call them for help/advice too. Good luck!


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Aug 11, 2009
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I would never do this but a nice lady i know takes all her roosters and puts them in a small cage. then she puts it in a bucket of ice cold water for a few minites. Then her problems are done
But it is very human way i hear.

But for meat you could always do it yourself theres a few threads here on how to do it (;


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