What to do with toxic waste? :P gross!! =)


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I inadvertently left out a large coop cleaning bucket destined for the compost pile and we got a zillion inches of rain the last two days. No problem, thought I - it's covered! Nope, it wasn't covered and now it's a toxic foamy soup - no way can I dump this anywhere a chicken can get to it or where it can get into the water - any way to neutralize it? it's a really large bucket and it literally looks like a foamy witch's cauldron.
(put it in front of the house for halloween?
) What the heck can I do with this other than calling a hazmat team?
Dig a really big pit? set it on fire? we have a huge property so there's some leeway here but obviously I don't want to contaminate anything.

I assume some feed was mixed in there as I can't see how just poo and pine shavings would turn foamy! It's covered again and away from the chickens and other animals but yuck!!
I don't think it is any more toxic whenit is wet than when it is dry. I would put it where you put the rest of the poop. Don't listen to me, wait for someone who knows what their doing.
I peeked in and went oh durn wet pine shavings.. then it started BUBBLING. EEK. Very scary brew I have here. I was thinking of putting it in the pile, but my compost pile hasn't been composting too well - not very hot since I don't have a turner. The compost pile is near where some chickens free range so I hate to risk it. I think maybe a deep hole and cover with dirt and sand?
Nah. Just dump it in your compost. It will be fine. Spray it down with the hose if you feel the need. The rain will filter it too. I wouldn't worry.
I'd also mix it in with the compost along with the bazillion leaves that have fallen all over the place over the past couple of days. It'll be fine....it all breaks down.
I am not sure why but poop does turn foamy if left in a bucket w/water. It does the same thing w/dog poop. I used to work at a kennel and poop buckets were emptied in the a.m. Some people used to like to let them sit w/out the lids. EWWWWW! It will be fine it is no different than normal other than the water has helped to start breaking the poop down. The chickens shouldn't be too interested in it. Just mix it in and possibly add some extra dry stuff to equal out your pile.
Congratuations, you just made compost tea:

Compost tea
Compost tea is a liquid solution or suspension made by steeping compost in water. It is used as both a fertilizer and in attempts to prevent plant diseases The liquid is applied as a spray to non-edible plant parts, or as a soil-drench (root dip), such as seedlings, or as a surface spray to reduce incidence of harmful phytopathogenic fungi in the phyllosphere.

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