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    Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a dilemma here. I purchased eggs here on the 28th planning a thursday start to incubation. I had several groups of eggs, both purchased here and ebay and all but the first one have arrrived. I got an email on Tuesday saying weather had been bad so I emailed back to ask when I might expect eggs to arrive. No word from her and no eggs. At what point to I give up and give a negative . I'm disappointed in not receiving the eggs, but a bit angry at the lack of response. (I've emailed more than once) She hadn't sent eggs as of Tuesday. At this point I would be adding eggs and creating a staggered hatch which I don't like doing. Give me some guidance, pretty please...

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    Check out the weather in the part of the country the seller is located. I know that mail was cancelled in Dallas for a day or maybe two this past week (my folks live there), and it was far from the only area of the country hit with really bad weather; heck, our weather wasbad and it was nowhere near that. I certainly would not want eggs shipped when the temperatures were in the negatives, or the teens or 20s.
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    well im positive that alot of the mail has been delayed or postponed due to thw weather, and perhaps her internet service had been disrupted due to the storms as well? i would wait to give feedback until you have spoken more with her or gotten the eggs
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    If she's where the weather is bad she might not have electricity, so can't answer your emails on laptop or PC. Check the weather where they are. If there is bad weather there I'd give them the benefit of the doubt. Here Tuesday, Wed and Thursday were the worst weather and we're still iced up on some of the less traveled roads, the parking lots are a mess from melting some from sun and then refreezing at night. Hopefully you'll hear from them very soon. Good luck.
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    I finally got an email from her. The eggs supposedly sent today. Won't make it for this go. It was an expensive auction. Guess Its just what is. Thanks for the words of reason.
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    Why not just have a second staggered hatch? If you have a fluxed up incubator, you can put the late arrivals in the warmest part of the incubator and the others in the coolest but still incubation temps. I doubt they will be able to "catch up" but it might not stagger it as much.

    I would not blame the seller for the weather that they can't control. At least they sent them to you when the eggs wouldn't be stuck on a dock and frozen solid.
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    I'd still try to hatch those eggs! Nuts to just toss them out...
    Give it a try!
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    Or at least find someone else that would be willing to hatch the eggs. I would post them on Craigslist and at least try to not waste them.
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    I don't like staggered hatching, but I don't really have a choice. I wasn't upset with her holding off the shipment, but the lack of response to my emails. I realized that weather was a factor. Thanks guys. I will do the staggered hatch.
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    Quote:It'll be fine, I do them quite a bit-not my favorite way to do it, but sometimes I just don't have any choice.
    Hope you have a fantastic hatch! [​IMG]

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