"What to Expect When ur Expecting To Raise Chickens!!!!"(Funny)

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Someone should really write a book of all the gross things that one might deal with when raising chickens...like the pregnancy book for women "what to expect when your expecting". I just had to wash vent feathers...due to some poo sticking to them. Well, for thoes who might not have had that pleasure job yet, BEWARE!!!! As soon as you push up the tail feathers, watch for poo projectiles!!!![​IMG] I was caught off gaurd the first 2 hens...but quickly realized the pattern!!! Well, they endured the "warm butt bath" then the wall got a good wipe down too!![​IMG] Hope that they appreciate the things I do for and to them in the aspect that I care!!![​IMG]
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    Wait until the first time you fix a prolapse. . .

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