What to feed a 3 month old Nigerian dwarf goat.


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Going to pick up some 3 month old goats soon they are Nigerian dwarf doelings. They haven't been on pasture before and have been feed some hay and mostly goat chow. I want to pasture them (I will do this slowly to prevent gas or bloat issues) and they will have free choice of good grassy alfalfa mix hay. I had planned on feeding grain when needed (growing, pregnant, nursing, and in very cold weather) but what is goat grain. I was under the impression that goat chow had grain in it as well as supplements and a fiber of some kind. So is there a straight up just grain mix that you feed to goats? I've read up to 3 cups of grain for a full size goat kid, is this grains or goat chow measurements? I guess I'm confused about what grain should I feed a goat kid of this age and breed. None of the books or info I can find are very specific regarding this issue. Maybe this is a dumb thing to ask but I want to make sure I understand everything before I get the goats here. Thanks

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there is purina (SP) goat chow, the green bag (well down here anyway) that we feed to our goats, even if out forging, we also put some probiotics and dimatic earth (big spelling errors sorry) too, with cinnaman (SP again!) to keep them eating.

oh, fencing?! what do you got? you are gonna need sturdy fencing and small fencing holes (nigys can fit thro small holes and would def make sure that is pen is escape proof ) you are also gonna need to make a toy or two ( there is a few free plans for some that are easy to make and hard to destroy) and (this what we do) when we put up our goats we have a hay feeder for them to munch on at night and in the day they eat greens unless it is raining (they HATE rain).

oh are they CL and CLA neg? if you are gonna milk them make sure to get them tested at one year old, or better ask the breeder if they ever had CL or CLA on the farm ( it can last up to 10 years in the soil, i think it is CL that does that, unsure) and shots, what shots have they gotten? the CL shot that is out there, do not use it on dairies, it is to be used on meat goats.

i think that all

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