What to feed a rooster.


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Mar 19, 2012
I have 4 hens, 3 of which have been laying for about a week. The fourth won't start laying for about 2 more months. At that time, I would like to put out layer feed. I have heard that this has too much calcuim for the rooster. What do I do?
I keep my Roos with the hens so they eats the laying pellets too . I also give them cracked corn and tons of left over food scraps.. There aren't to many dinner scraps your chickens wont like including left over chicken .. I like watching them eat french cut green beans and Spaghetti the most as they think they are worms I think so they will grab a strand and run around trying to keep it from the others. I have Five Mature Roos and I have had no Health issues with any of them ..
Layer feed can be bad for Rooster just like with chicks and non-laying fowl.
Most good feed Mfg. will state this right on the bag.

You could feed you flock a Starter/ Grower, All Flock or a Layer Breeder.


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