What to feed Geese for special treats?


Nov 10, 2016
OK, so I'm trying to find a way to bribe my geese to come when I want them, for daily inspection, etc. No problems bribing the goats, horses, chickens, dogs, etc. But Geese? Hummmmm...

Suggestions, anyone? Must be healthy treats, no junk food.
I'm not sure what you consider junk, but they love bread. Bread all the time wouldn't be good for them, but as a treat it's fine and they love it.

Geese also really enjoy dandelion greens, so you can try those out.
I have been told that bread is not good for them, but perhaps as a "sometimes" treat, it might be OK. Do they particularly like any kind of whole grains? I have plenty of chicken scratch.
My gander will step on and trip over anything in his way for whole corn he doesn't like scratch but whole corn I can shake the container and get them to come every time. I only use whole corn and meal worms as a treat and bribery.:hmm He doesn't like meal worms but my female goose does.
My goose loves bread, especially white bread. She usually gets rye, though, unless it's her birthday :). The one I had before her was crazy for dry cat or dog food.

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