What to feed layer hens and rooster?


7 Years
Oct 15, 2012
The chickens we got were always fed layer feed and we've been feeding them the same thing. However I was recently told the higher mineral levels in layer feed can damage our rooster's kidneys. Should I get grower feed or something instead and give the hens oyster shells? What do you recommend feeding a bunch of layer hens that is also rooster safe?
Well how old are your birds? are they laying? when birds are young then layer pellets can damage there kidneys! It depends how old your birds are!
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High amounts of Calcium can damage the kidneys of any age fowl that is not laying, that would include chicks, growing stock, roosters and even hens that are not laying do to molt, weather, age or illness.

I myself don't feed a layer type feed, I instead feed a game bird feed and offer oyster on the side.

Sorry, the flock is a big potluck of different ages. A couple of the bantams are several years old, a couple of the orpingtons and rhode island reds are just shy of one year. We inherited them from a friend who moved to Hawaii and couldn't take them, they were pets and pretty much still are.
Thanks guys, I settled on a general flock grower with a lot less calcium and am doing oyster shells on the side.

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