What to feed young turkey when all other birds are adults


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Jul 8, 2010
The new turkey hen is about 5 months old. Tom is from 2009, and my chickens are all 17 weeks old.

I am currently feeding the chickens flock raiser, but will be switching over to layena. I had Tom and Gert already on layena. But what about the new hen turkey? Is it ok for her to have that? How would I feed her separately?

She does a lot of foraging and doesn't seem to be very interested in commercial food. The only time she shows much interest is when I feed the chickens. She was raised with free range chickens and I don't know if she had any other food but what they were given.

She seems to prefer to be around the chickens. They are in their smaller area at this time, but will be letting them out this weekend to start free ranging. She stays really close to their pen and even roosts on the top of the pen at night.

At her young age, is it ok for her to only have the layena (that is what tom and all the chickens will be on after this weekend). If not, how do I feed her something else and how do I get her to eat it when she shows no interest in anything buy what the chickens are eating?

I did have a little bit of game bird starter/feed and she absolutely would not eat it.
I feed all my poultry Flockraiser(mainly for the Turkeys benefit) and provide oyster shells. I've never noticed a difference in egg production when I fed Layena or Flockraiser. I like the Flockraiser because of the higher protien level-20% plus everyone seems to like it better than Layena. If you're switching to save money, I'm sure layena will be fine for the new hen. My poultry just seem to be more healthier and brighter with Flockraiser.
My young hens seem to prefer the company of chickens also. They are roosting in the chicken pen instead of their own. They're probably tired of the jakes and Tom fussing and fighting all the time.
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