what to give them for protien

Fish Meal - 60% protein
Soy Bean Meal -
- 44% - 50% protein
- 49% - 55% protein
Sunflower Meal - 50% protein

Mealworms have great protein

Black soldier fly larva too

catepillars (no ones with spines or off of tomato plants)



duck weed

All natural sources of high quality protein that aren't Genetically Modified or spray with pesticides

Mealworms are at the top of my chicks favorite treats. You can grow those yourself easily and cheaply
Hy Kizanne,

can you help me with hints or a web-link on how to grow meal-worms? Thanks!!!

also, how much do you give per chicken or per flock? do ypu know ho much protein will add to their diet? ... sorry I like to make questions :)

Just go to you tube and put in the search bar raising meal worms and you will get a ton of videos on how to do it. I use the 3 drawer plastic bin with screen in one of the drawers method
I've read that some people use cat food as a protein source.
My garden is where all my compost goes, lawn clippings, leaf litter in the fall and organic table scraps. It is loaded with worms...night crawlers and red wrigglers. The chickens hit the garden several times a day; coupled with the occasional Meal Worms (Meal Worm Farming = Awesome Protein Source) and their commercial mix, these birds are getting a great protein fix in their diet.

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