what to give turkey for swelling


9 Years
May 30, 2010
Mesa Arizona
yesterday i notice one of my toms had swelling on one
side, i thought they had sorted there pecking order
but it seem they started again, when i feed them in the morning
all were fine till when it was almost time that they go to sleep
i notice one of my toms had swelling in the side of his cheek
we put ice to bring down the swelling and in the morning it did
not have swelling at all and then in the afternoon the swelling begin
again, but i did not let him free range today so he would not get
hurt if anyone knows what to give the turkey
to bring down the swelling please let me know thanks have a great day
Could it be an abscess? If so, you're probably going to have to lance it, keep it clean and put the big guy on antibiotics. That would be something to ask a veterinarian how to do as I have only done this with mammals.
Good luck!
(ok not so funny)... your thread line just grabbed me that way... Are you talking internally?? I would use vitamin C in the water and feed Dandelions... You could also go with cranberries... for him to eat....

but be careful... When one is carrying cranberries so close the thanksgiving to a turkey... Welll you can let your mind wander here.... LOL
is the swelling under his eye? could it be a sinus infection. i treated mine with tylan 50 4 ccs oraly. for five days. steve of sands poultry has a lot of birds and alot of experince with turkeys. he is very helpful in helping with my turkey problems.
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just as bigdawg said, it's probably infectious sinusitis. I've always treated with tylan.
turkeybreeder wrote: is duramycin 10 antibiotic the same thing as tylan

No. Duramycin is a Tetracycline and Tylan is a Macrolide, but both are used to treat respiratory illness.

I'm not clear, from your previous posts, if this `swelling' is directly below the eye (with no signs of abrasions/contusions from sparring on or around the affected area)?. Is it discolored? (Hematoma from injury to blood vessels during sparring and swelling/shrinkage owing to `state of display').

Any other signs of respiratory problems at present in this bird or others?

A photo is always useful.​

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